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Readeck helps you keep all that web content you’ll want to revisit in an hour, tomorrow, or in 20 years.

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Your Own Content Hub

That article you want to read later today? The photo you’d love to keep forever? Or the video you want to save for this weekend?

Readeck helps you collect them as Bookmarks, ready for you whenever you are.

Curate Your World

Archive, mark as favorite, add labels to your content so you can find it later.

Search anything in your growing content and create dynamic collections.

Highlight What Matters

Highlight the key parts of any text content and come back to it later.

Browse and find the highlights from all your content.

Save Video Transcripts

Save a video link and Readeck will retrieve the transcript when available.

Read, export, highlight and search the save transcript as if it were an article.

Export to E-Books

Take an article with you on the ride home or a full collection for a weekend.

Readeck lets you export articles and collections as a single ebook. It provides a standard catalog on supported e-readers.

Adjust to Your Needs

Read your way; set a different font, text size and line height.

Readeck lets you do all that and remembers your preferred settings for your next read.

Browser Extension

Save while browsing with the browser extension.

This includes the content on websites you can access but Readeck can't.

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