Readeck 0.14

May 20, 2024

Due to unforeseen events, I wasn't able to publish a new release at the end of last month. While this kept me away from a normal routine, I could work a bit on Readeck and ended up adding more features than planned. This release comes with many subtle changes in the user interface (consistency, breadcrumbs, etc.), a new compact view for bookmark lists and an import wizard to easily add your existing contents to Readeck.

User Interface

Bookmark list menu

There are several places in Readeck that show a bookmark list: the general lists (all, unread, favorites, etc.), a label details and collections.

While these list layouts are all the same, the titles and possible actions were a bit all over the place and lacking unity.

This release introduces a unified style for the title and actions you can perform on the current list. Depending on the list, the actions/menu side provides different actions but some items are always present:

  • Switch the layout from grid to compact
  • Download an EPUB

bookmark list menu

On the screenshot above, you'll notice an "Import bookmarks" menu entry; more on that later.

Compact view

compact bookmark list

On the list's actions, you probably noticed the icons with a grid and a list. These two icons let you switch from the regular grid view to a less busy compact view.

The compact view shows your bookmark as a list of links, without the thumbnail images. Should you feel that the grid view is cluttered, switch to the compact view. Your preferred view is saved for your current session, which means that you can keep a grid view on your computer and switch to the compact view on your phone or tablet.

Download e-books from any list

So far, downloading an e-book of your bookmarks was only available from a collection. With this release, you can download an e-book of all the bookmarks in any list.

Each downloaded e-book contains every bookmark from every page of the list. Each bookmark is an e-book chapter. And yes, it means you can download an e-book of all your bookmarks at once from the "All" bookmarks section.

While the link to the original page has always been available once you open the bookmark's details, it might be convenient to have the same link on each list item. This is now the case and you'll find a link to the original page next to the favorite and archive buttons in each list item.

Import bookmarks

This new release comes with a new import feature that lets you import bookmarks from various sources.

compact bookmark list

Each type of import takes you to a form in which you need to upload a file or provide information for the import to take place. You can optionally assign a label to every imported bookmark. Already existing bookmarks won't be imported unless you explicitly want to.

Here are the available import types in this release:

  • Text file. A simple file with one URL per line.
  • Browser Bookmarks. The file you can export from your browser menu. The title and date are retrieved from the file.
  • Pocket. From Pocket, you can export a file and upload it in Readeck import tool. Title, labels and date are retrieved from the file.
  • Wallabag. This uses the Wallabag API to retrieve everything, including the content the way it was initially saved.

Once the import starts, you'll see a progress bar. You can leave this page and keep using Readeck during the import.

Publicly shared bookmarks expiration

You can now configure the number of hours you'd like your publicly shared bookmarks to be available. This setting is instance wide, more information on the documentation

Cleanup command

This should never happen but in the event of a major failure during an import or while saving a link, you could end up with forever loading bookmarks. The new command can help you remove these bookmarks. Here's how:

readeck cleanup

Thank you!

Again, I'd like to thank every user who's installed Readeck, reported bugs, suggested good improvements. Your feedback and ideas are very valuable and of great quality.

Enjoy this release!

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